Funding and Research Grants


Competitive grants awarded



$344,000 ARC Discovery Grant 2018-2020

Using performance to predict the survival of threatened mammals.

Robbie Wilson, Diana Fisher, Christofer Clemente (USQ) & Theodore Pavlic 

quoll in trap.jpeg

$325,000 ARC Linkage Grant 2017-2019

With Anindilyakwa Land Council ($225,000)

The ecology of trace metal contamination in native Australian mammals

Robbie Wilson, Hamish Campbell (CDU), Diana Fisher, Simon Blomberg & Frank von Hippel (NAU) 


Quoll skill setup.jpg

$930,000 ARC Future Fellowship 2016-2020

Predicting the movement speed of animals

Robbie Wilson



$330,000 ARC Discovery Grant 2015-2017

How does habitat complexity affect the motor ageing of wild mammals?

Robbie Wilson, Diana Fisher, Hamish Campbell (CDU)


$375,000 UQ-CIEF Grant 2014-2015

With Anindilyakwa Land Council

How does manganese affect the physiology and behaviour of organisms on Groote Eylandt?

Robbie S Wilson


Milyakburra - Serena Carol Judy Gwen.jpg

$95,000 Lowitja Institute for Aboriginal Health 2014

Exercise, psychological and dietary benefits of on-country activities for Indigenous Australians in remote communities.

Robbie Wilson, William von Hippell (Psychology), Stephen Simpson (U-Syd), Cindy Shannon (PVC – UQ), Jon Willis (ATSIUS)



$320,000 ARC Discovery Grant 2012-2015


Does physiological plasticity of individuals render populations resilient to climate change?

Frank Seebacher, Robbie Wilson & Jean Clobert


$350,000 ARC Linkage Grant 2006-2009


Conserving native wildlife during urbanisation: the effectiveness of biodiversity-friendly urban design and construction practices

Robbie Wilson

Asian House Gecko.jpg

$240,000 ARC Discovery Grant (APD Fellowship) 2003-2006


Testing the adaptive benefit of physiological acclimation

Robbie Wilson



Additional research grants


$580,000 Anindilyakwa Land Council 2015-2017

How does dust pollution affect the cognitive and motor performance of individuals on Groote Eylandt?

Robbie S Wilson, Michelle Smith, Frank von Hippel, Cindy Shannon & Jon Willis



$225,000 Anindilyakwa Land Council 2012-2014

How does manganese affect the physiology on northern quolls on Groote Eylandt?

Robbe S Wilson



$45,000 Redlands Shire Council 2011

Conservation biology of koalas in urban fragments

Robbie Wilson, William Ellis and Sean FitzGibbon




Australian Research Council Fellows hosted in the lab


Dr Christofer Clemente

ARC DECRA Fellow 2012-2015




Dr Amanda Niehaus

ARC DECRA Fellow 2014-2018